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The Law Offices of Lemarr E. Carver are a full service general litigation and criminal defense firm.  We accept federal and state cases and serve clients throughout the State of Oregon.  We accept cases in the following areas:

Criminal Appeals

If the court made an error of any kind, you may be able to file an appeal which changes the result of your case. However, if an error did not affect substantial rights, the court will see it as harmless. Even if you are incarcerated, you can engage in inmate litigation. The court system will be required to accommodate you so that you can participate in your case as you need to.

Post-Conviction Relief

When you are charged with a crime, you are supposed to receive a fair trial. However, if the attorney who represented you didn't do his or her job properly, you may be convicted unfairly. In such cases, you can appeal the conviction and try to have it overturned or modified. If you choose to file an appeal, you will need experienced, well-prepared counsel to guide you through the process and help you increase your chances of success. To get started, contact a qualified Beaverton Post-Conviction Relief Attorney like Lemarr E. Carver.

Civil Rights

Government officials are responsible for ensuring the health and safety of Beaverton residents, but many fail to achieve this objective -- and many go out of their way to harass and intimidate Oregon residents. Sadly, those who suffer civil rights violations are often reluctant to speak up. If your rights have been infringed on, it is in your best interest to seek legal recourse, ideally with the assistance of a trusted Beaverton civil rights attorney. Look to the Law Offices of Lemarr E. Carver for the passionate and effective legal representation you need at this time.

Habeas Corpus

You have likely heard the legal term habeas corpus before. However, you might not know how it relates to your case or what it even means. The term itself is Latin and literally means, “you have the body.” It is in actuality a court order or writ that instructs law enforcement officials, such as a sheriff, the police or prison administrators, to appear in court with a prisoner who is being held unlawfully in jail or prison.

Criminal Defense

Few circumstances in life cause as much fear and anxiety as being charged with a crime. Whether you've been accused of committing a misdemeanor or a felony, it is absolutely essential that you seek legal counsel from a Beaverton criminal defense attorney you can trust. Consider getting in touch with the Law Offices of Lemarr E. Carver, a law firm with a great reputation and an even better track record.

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