Beaverton Civil Rights Attorney

Government officials are responsible for ensuring the health and safety of Beaverton residents, but many fail to achieve this objective — and many go out of their way to harass and intimidate Oregon residents. Sadly, those who suffer civil rights violations are often reluctant to speak up. If your rights have been infringed on, it is in your best interest to seek legal recourse, ideally with the assistance of a trusted Beaverton civil rights attorney. Look to the Law Offices of Lemarr E. Carver for the passionate and effective legal representation you need at this time.

Types of Civil Rights Cases Handled By Lemarr Carver

A wide array of civil rights cases are handled by the Law Offices of Lemarr E. Carver. The details of these cases can vary significantly, but at their core, they involve Oregon residents who have been harmed by the government agencies they once trusted. Violations could involve employment discrimination or mistreatment at the hands of law enforcement officials. Oregon residents may also be prevented from exercising such rights and liberties as the freedom of speech or freedom of the press. Furthermore, Lemarr Carver’s clients are all too frequently discriminated against on the basis of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, age, and disability, and more. No matter which agency has trampled on your civil rights or how, you can count on Beaverton civil rights lawyer Lemarr E. Carver for much-needed support.

Tort Claims: Working With a Civil Rights Attorney

If you have been wronged by law enforcement officials or others in a position of authority, your best path to justice may be a tort claim. Prompt filing of this claim is essential, as Oregon has a 180-day time limit. In rare cases, up to a year may be available — but given the high stakes of your case, waiting is generally not advisable. Your chances of success will be far greater if you work with a knowledgeable Beaverton civil rights attorney such as Lemarr Carver, who has guided numerous clients through the initial tort process and continued that guidance through all phases of the civil process. Tort claims and civil rights cases in general can be complicated, so don’t take any chances with your case — contact the Law Offices of Lemarr E. Carver today.

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